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Give users the ability to select a default view on object pages


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  • Description - Making it so that users have to switch project task tab views less often.
  • Why is this feature important to you - Simplifying the UI and reducing touches/clicks improves the user experience.
  • How would you like the feature to work - I would like there to be a way for a user to select a project-specific default view for each project page's task tab that would not affect any other user's settings (much like users can re-order the left sidebar tabs on the various object pages). I would also like users to be able to select an overall default view that is used for all project page task tabs that do not have a project-specific setting (which would override the overall default view). This change could also be applied to portfolio-program, portfolio-project and program-project tabs, but the project-task change would be the most helpful.
  • Current Behavior - I have created custom views to be used only with specific projects, like our yearly subscription renewal project. These views, of course, have information not needed for other projects. When I visit those specific projects, I have to manually change the view to the specialized custom view. Then when I open a different project, the new page view defaults to the last one I selected, which would be the specialized custom view that has to be changed to my overall default view. To take it a step further, if I leave open the browser tab with the specialized custom view project and revisit it later, a page refresh will change the view to the overall default view, necessitating another view switch.
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