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For Proofs with several approvers - Rate Decisions (Rejected > Approved)


Level 2


Currently the final decision notification is just sending notification to owners that a final decision has been made on their document and whatever is the last decision made will be the final decision listed.

Would be great if the system could take into account the type of decision and rate it

  1. Edit required/Rejected
  2. Approved with minor edits
  3. Approved

That would ensure people are not confused when they receive a final decision notification for a proof where 6 people had to make a decision : 5 approved it and 1 rejected it.

they should not receive an approved notification because the last approver to make a decision approved the document.

Approved should only be displayed when all approved, otherwise it should display in the title the "worst" decision. in the example above "Edits Required/ Rejected"

Is there a way we can rate/weight the approvals type?