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Filtering by Project Category (Custom form) on a task report


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When filtering by Project category on a Task report, if there are multiple custom forms attached to the Project, only the first custom form (category) is considered during filtering.

The recommendation from Workfront Support is to use Category:ID for the filter, but this only looks at custom forms attached to the task. There currently isn't a way to look at all custom forms at the Project level for a filter on a Task level report. We use custom forms heavily and would really like to have the option to include all project custom forms when filtering a Task report.



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You might try to use the "Categories>> ID" filter, rather the "Task>> Category ID" filter, to see if this approach improves your results.


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In a task report, I want to be able to have a 'project categories ID' filter, not just 'project category ID'! Category only pulls whatever project custom form is at the top/most recently added of all the project custom forms on a project. We often have a few custom forms on a project and I need to have a filter where I can pull anytime a certain custom form is included in a project, not just the top! Just like we have a Task Categories ID, we need Project Categories ID!