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Enable the "mini details" feature to all user profiles


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Description - Enable the "mini details" feature to all user profiles 

Why is this feature important to you - Currently, this feature requires admin-level access; we do not want to change all users to admins to have this basic feature 

How would you like the feature to work - when you select the "mini details" arrow to expose the status of user progress through the proof, it works without an elevated profile. 

Current Behaviour - Only admin profiles can expose the user status when the "mini details" button is selected; this feature was available to all profiles a few weeks ago.  Now it's much more difficult for users to check the progress details.

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Agreed! Bring back the "mini-details" function to non-admin users. Being able to twirl that arrow down and see multiple proof summaries on one screen saved me hours every week. Now, I have to open separate tabs for each proof and it's ridiculous when I have 15 proofs to monitor!