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Distinct Filters on Typeahead field


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Typeahead filters should be able to be applied at the form level. For example, if I create a project typeahead field for a team and filter it by their portfolios, I should be able to add that same field to a different form and apply a different filter. Otherwise, I have to create a new typeahead field to do the same thing just to have a distinct filter. This eliminates our ability

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Agreed. Filters on typeaheads should work the same way as logic does: different form = different filter. This would solve the problem of having to create multiple versions of the same field just to have a different filter. The only caveat would be if you had the same field (with different filter) on 2 forms that are both attached to same record (ex: task) - not sure what would be the right way for the tool to handle such cases - perhaps grey out the second occurrence of the field (effectively disabling it)... just a thought.