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Default email notification - rejected issue


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DescriptionOur stakeholders reached out to us in regards to the email notification which is sent out when an issue/request is rejected.

Why is this feature important to you - The current email can lead to confusion at first glance and it could use some fine-tuning

How would you like the feature to workThe subject line could better illustrate that the request/issue was rejected, instead of completed. Also, the 'Rejected' word could be displayed in red instead of green.



- Subject line is misleading and the word 'Rejected' is in green.


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I imagine this should be easy for WF to implement since we already have the existing 'timesheet is rejected' email notification. Right now the default is an email for the work item is approved or rejected, and agree they could be handled differently.


@stefmastan , reminder you do have the ability to modify the email notification subject line/verbiage in setup for event notifications, but without having separation of JUST a rejected issue/project/task/etc. then you wouldn't be able to make an email template just for that scenario.