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Decouple ability to log hours on Hours tab of project from requirement for administrative access to Timesheets & hours


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We do not want our users to have administrative access to timesheets and hours, as that would expose the timesheets of everyone in our instance to effectively all our users. And it would be incredibly helpful for people, Plan and Worker licenses alike, to be able to log hours directly on the Hours tab of the project. Our projects don't always have tasks created for them to log time against. And we are only requiring people to log time at the project level.

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Agreed! In our case, slightly different scenario, but same ask:

We need to be able to log Actual Time for projects, at the project level, for Review users - since they don't have access to Timesheets. The Project Owners could use the Log Time button within the projects they own to log time on their behalf - as System Admins can. But they *cannot* have access to (and delete privileges!) to ALL timesheets for the entire system. That's a privacy concern, and a disaster waiting to happen.