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Custom forms: new field type External Lookup - Distinguish between option and value


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Description - I am totally thrilled about the new feature of being able to add external lookup fields to custom forms to call external APIs.
I would love to be able to differ between the shown option, which comes from one JSON path (like $.data[*].name) and the value which is finally saved (like from $.data[*].id) as this is also possible using general dropdown fields.

Why is this feature important to you - There often is a difference between the shown option and the value in behind on dropdown fields.

How would you like the feature to work - similar to general dropdown fields

Current Behaviour - only one JSON path possible



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I'm using it to query a DB that I have in fusion, querying 3 levels based on the last answer.
I think that it will be great to have unlimited answers by the API. I have a use case that returns 4000+ cases to the dropdown, but not all are showing.
Finally, can fill multiple fields from the response, now we can only fill the dropdown, but the API is getting other fields that will be great to automatically add to the dropdown or another field.


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I just posted how to use Fusion to authenticate lookup field queries, but it has an added bonus that you can combine multiple elements and remove the limits of JSON Path. This concept is mentioned in Step 4 here: