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Copy/Move custom forms


Level 5


Copy or move custom forms between any type of item so long as there is a custom form for that type. i.e. if you're moving a custom form from an issue to a task, there would need to be a task version as well. But, the ability to move them around like you can with documents would be massive.



Level 2


This would be so helpful as it would allow the ability to move a new Issue custom form into an already existing-project as a Project custom form under the "Project Details" tab vs. under the "Issues" tab.


Level 5


Hi Sarah! I believe you can move requeststo already existing projects, but maybe I’m not understanding what you mean exactly. Can you elaborate?


Level 1


This would also be great as we would be able to move Custom Form Data across projects that are all associated to the same client.


Level 4


This is a BIG one for us! We want to be able to copy the custom form data from one document to another document either on the same project or a different project. We create documents with similar information in the custom form and being able to copy that information to another document and modifying a few fields would help eliminate time used to recreate those custom forms from scratch.