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Copy and Paste Names Into Tagging List


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Being able to copy/paste users into the tagging section in updates would be helpful. We might have a round one proofing post that has 80 people on it, then we need to tag those same 80 people (but we cannot create an 80 person group because these people will vary from project to project) in a round two proof, but right now we have to look at the first list and type it all back in, or we have to reply on the last thread, which is a bad idea if we're including important information because it might get missed.

I know right now it pulls up the person's name as you're typing it so you can select them, that is helpful, but maybe if there was a way to switch a text mode feature on and off so you could click it on for an old post, copy the list of names, then paste the names into a text mode new post in the same way so it would do the tagging? Just an idea.

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This would be extremely useful for correcting, team users list, Direct reports etc.

You need a "check name" button like in Outlook, to take the text and match it to a user.