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Calculate availability using a User's Schedule AND factor in the User's FTE.


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How difficult would it be to enable the system to calculate availability using a User's schedule and factor in a User's FTE?

Current resource management functionality only factors in FTE when calculating availability if 'The Default Schedule' is selected. This setting is configured via Setup / Resource Management.

To account for General Admin time, we set User FTE to .7 which reduces their availability by 30%.

When majority of our users were US based and we had a single schedule to account for US/company holidays, availability was calculated by using the "Default Schedule" and factored in the .7 FTE setting assigned to our users.

Over time, we've onboarded Global users in Latin America, Canada, India, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. Due to each region having country/area specific holidays, we created multiple region specific schedules.

Unfortunately, when setup is changed to calculate availability using the 'User's Schedule,' it no longer factors in User FTE into the calculation. This is problematic because we can no longer easily take 30% off each users availability. The workaround would be to create a General Admin project, add all users to the schedule and then create 30% artificial demand.



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Hi James,

Yes, I have the same dilemma. We have Resources from 2 different timezones, 3 separate schedules, but we want to set it to their FTE not the Default Schedule.


Our main dilemma was that 3 provinces have different days-off during the year, so my tedious solution was to manually add those days off to the individual's profile Time-off schedule.


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Yes it seems crazy that we have a schedule and FTE and then ignore the FTE.

We have people that work part time - say Tuesday to Thursday - 24 hours.

They are available to WF for approximately 50% of that time - 12 hours.

What does the Workload Balancer do with that?


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We are facing the same issue and not able to resolve. From my point of if possible we can create / assign based upon Team / Group /Company.

It will be great to add in Workfront as product enhancement.