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Be able to manage notifications at the Project level (through Groups)


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Description -  Would like to be able to turn on and off different notification types for specific projects.  It would be great if we could manage it through Groups and have the notification settings apply to a project to which that group is assigned.  Group notification settings only work for the people in the Group, but we want them to apply to anyone who submits a request to a project queue.  

Why is this feature important to you - People working the requests and tickets in the queue want to be able to make Update comments on submitted requests without the submitter getting notified. 

How would you like the feature to work - Similar to custom statuses set at the Group level, it would be great if we could have the notification settings for a Group apply to any project that is assigned to that Group regardless of whether or not the user is in the group.

Current Behaviour - The only way to turn off or on notifications for this project would be for me to do it at the global level.  Most of the people submitting requests are from all over the business and are autoprovisioned  a requester license when they submit one.  Every time someone on the support team makes an update note in the comment, the original requester gets notified because that is what we have set at the global level.  The Group level settings are only applying to the people on the support team who are in that Group.