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Automatic reminder notifications for the tasks, where approval is needed


Level 2


Description - As and when any approval is needed from the Project Manager/Project Sponsor/Campaign Manager for a specific task present in project level, should receive an automatic reminders till they take action (Approval/Reject). Since, it could be predecessor for other tasks and that would get stuck and will not be able to mark those as Completed.


Why is this feature important to you - As and when any task requires approval either from Project Manager/Sponsor/Campaign Manager, if they are not taking their action (Approve/Reject) on time, which is blocking us to update other tasks status. Since, these would be the predecessor for those.


How would you like the feature to work - Whenever required task is marked as completed, if any approval is tagged for the task (Project Sponsor/Campaign Manager) then if the respective approver is not taking any action with in a day/two, should send automatic notifications that we setup to follow up with respective approver, till they take action on that task.


Current Behaviour - If a task is marked as 'Complete' for which approval (Project Sponsor/Project Manager) is added, it will be waiting for their action (approve/reject) to take on it. If they are not taking any action, then we need to add a manual comment for the task to follow up with respective approver. It would be a time consuming thing.