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Allow Workload Balancer Filters to be Sticky when placed on a Dashboard


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Description - Filters for the Workload Balancer do not stay locked when we would like to target them on different team dashboards. It instead saves the last used filter by that user for all dashboards that have the balancer on them.

Why is this feature important to you - We need to be able to have filters stay "sticky" when they are targeted to a dashboard. We have built many dashboards for different creative teams, but we cannot effectively use them as the filters do not stay targeted on that page and always divert to the last filter that was used across the board by that user. This makes it very confusing for our users and they have to continually switch the filters to get the view they would like.

How would you like the feature to work - Once a filter is created, Workfront should create a unique URL link. Or if this is not possible, could the balancer act like a report and be added to a dashboard as an object?

Current Behaviour - We currently use the link to add the balancer to dashboards, but since the link is not unique enough it reverts to what was last used/filtered on the balancer page.



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I think we did what you're looking for - but it's been awhile, so not positive it's exactly the same.

Have you tried the "sharable link" icon on the Workload balancer and placed that on a Dashboard?




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@Heather_Kulbacki is right in this regard, but I would disgree that even if you copy the link, it does shows as before the link was copied. Even I copied the link and send it myself to open in a new window, it misses left side filters. 

We have all the time a challenge about this situation, as accessed in dirrent teams among diffrent business entities. All the time, it does not shows as it was selected and user has to change or shift to the required filter. Basically, it should create might be a type of id, which directs to specific filter all the time. Even both of yours above idea is good from my previous experience.