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Allow reviewer licenses to log time


Level 7


Description - Everyone has a hand in a project - workers, planners, reviewers approvers or even requesters and as such should be able to log time into a project. Reviewers, requester, and approvers aren't actual workers, so to provide them with a full license is futile and a waste of budget but we truly need to know the amount of hours are going towards projects and this includes those that would have to approve work or request it. 


Why is this feature important to you - To truly be able to understand the impact our projects are making on the organization and time and budget impact they have. Not sure how anyone is tracking true budgets on projects if every person is unable to allocate time towards it. 


How would you like the feature to work - Allow timesheets and/or project time to be opened up to all users


Current Behavior - Only paid licenses (which are expensive and too broad of access in some cases) can utilize these features which is falling short of true project tracking behavior.



Community Advisor


Yes! This! We have so many users who a Reviewer license would meet their needs but we also want to know how much time they've spent gathering information to contribute to a project, it would be ideal if they could log time


Level 8


I would also add to let the reviewer license edit the project custom data as well.  They can edit the custom data on the issue level they create but what if something changes once it's converted to a project?  We'd have to give them a license to modify the custom fields at the project level which isn't cost effective. 

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