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Allow Queue Topics to have Active or Inactive Flag


Level 5


Description - Enable Queue Topics to have the ability to be turned on or off

Why is this feature important to you - Allows buildubg out of the features of a new topic without it being visible to all 

How would you like the feature to work - Flag for Active / Inactive and an Date period of when it is active

Current Behaviour - Enable automatically



Level 6


So you can build queue topics in a new project without publishing them, but I agree you cannot hide a specific queue topic when modifying an existing publish queue topic set.


Also, important to our use case, this would allow you to sunset old queue topics without having to fully delete them.  Deleting the obsolete queue topics is stressful because it is irreversible and technically results in some data loss, since historical requests no longer trace back to a valid queue topic.  The history is sort of preserved in "path" which can show the queue topic name, but you can no longer report on the queue topic itself.