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Allow Minimized Parent tasks to stay minimized after logging out


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Hello, within a Workfront project there is the ability to minimize the parent task with the carat so that it pulls in all of the tasks below it and hides them within the minimized task. This helps to make the project smaller and hide the amount of tasks that are in there in order to navigate to the tasks that are still open. When logging out of Workfront, it removes the tabs that you minimized in each project forcing you to have to go and click all of those again in order to make the project more manageable. For example, if there are 5 months of content that you are providing to a client, and you want to minimize the first 3 months of it since you are already done with those tasks, this makes the project smaller so you can quickly look at the tasks that are still remaining. I would love for there to be a way to "Pin" the parent tasks after you minimize them so that every time you enter the project it is easier to navigate within it, instead of having to manually minimize the parent tasks each time.