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Add additional filter options to Workload Balancer


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We have implemented a solution that is highly dependent on the ability to resource by both User Group and Project group. In doing so, specific Resource Managers can filter the Scheduler tool to see only those unassigned tasks specific to their designed business area. This roll-out was a major win for Workfront with the client who has previously struggled with tool adoption.The depreciation of the Scheduler tool in exchange for the Workload balancer will significantly impact adoption and usability of the tool. Additionally, there is a general distrust of the tool across the organization since it hasn’t been optimized and successfully rolled out to date. A forced redesign due to the lack of functionality in the Workload Balancer will surely hinder the client's trust in the tool and future product development.

The inability to filter unassigned tasks by Project Group, and to view available resource by User Group will require a redesign specifically to fit into the functionality of the Workload balancer. This redesign will require hours of consulting time that the client has purchased but has not planned for this work; therefore de-prioritizing other 2021 initiatives. Additionally, it will require a retraining for all client teammates who set up projects, and a retraining for all Resource Managers. Lastly, it will require a significant level of effort to reset all projects under the previous design so that data is consistent and not skewed as we move into the new design.

The ask is to either fast-track this functionality, or gain insight into where on the roadmap this functionality lives so we can plan for when to move off of Scheduler (knowing we have a year) and onto the Workload Balancer.

This is similar to the following Innovation Lab idea which already has 80+ votes. https://one.workfront.com/s/idea/0874X000000sYbtQAE/detail

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This is the exact issue we are having. The deprecation of the Scheduler poses huge problems for our Traffic/Resource Managers in being able to effectively and efficiently reassign hours, particularly when there are tasks that have groups of people with different roles. We are also hoping to fast track this functionality before the Scheduler goes way.