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Ability To Lock Task From Being Deleted


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The Idea:

Have a Lock on project task that allows System Administrator the ability to lock specific tasks on Projects and templates.


My company MasterControl is currently going through our initial configuration of the system, and we will be using Fusion to link billing at the task level to our financial tool call Netsuite.

Our Service SKUs are sold in a Fixed Fee model and dependent on its invoicing model; it would either get two 50% billing tasks or one 100% billing task.

We have created 80 plus unique templates in the system that will be put on a project dependent on what Services were purchased on the Sales Order.

We have created Custom Fields that will send information to NetSuite once the tasks have been marked as complete and later send back information into Workfront to the task that it has been billed and what invoice it was put on.

It is crucial for us that our Project Managers do not delete these tasks. We will do training with them and make sure they understand the importance of not editing/deleting these tasks other than being able to mark it complete to push the billing; there is still that chance that they might accidentally delete it.

Current Solve:

As an Operations team will have reports to help track when these tasks are updated or deleted to make sure we are not losing out on billing from what is still open in our current backlog.

Future Benefit:

By having a feature to lock these special billing tasks, it would allow us to mark these in our templates so that they can not be deleted, and we have the peace of mind that we would not have to monitor this as an Operations Team or as a System Administrator.

This specific use of locking tasks or even particular objects and fields to users inside of Workfront might be very specific to us over here at MasterControl. Still, I feel like this might be a handy tool inside of Workfront.

Does anyone else see a need for something like that; would that be useful for anyone?