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Collaborating withLegal & Compliance Teams in ..



Collaborating with Legal & Compliance Teams in Workfront

For many customers, implementing multiple processes and managing system adoption for a single team in Workfront can be quite challenging, so including Legal and Compliance teams in the original rollout might take a little extra effort, but ultimately adds so much value in the long run.

For customers in highly regulated fields, Legal and Compliance teams are required to review any external communications, but can also be responsible for directing any state and federal audits, along with research for potential lawsuits. Workfront provides a fantastic use case for these types of collaborative work!

For the day-to-day, most Legal & Compliance teams don’t have time to dig into the detailed tasks of each project. They just need to know:

  • What’s coming up (so they can prepare with time management and staffing)?
  • What’s currently waiting for their approval?
  • What did they previously review and did they approve or reject?

Here are some quick wins to get them into the system and collaborating!

For what’s coming up, create a Job Role Legal & Compliance and then add a placeholder task assigned to them for any projects that will need their time. Then you can create a report filtered to Upcoming Projects with Legal & Compliance tasks.

For what’s pending approval, create a report with all the outstanding documents or proofs (with pending approvals), making sure to include the original requestor, so that the approver can reach out with any questions directly if needed.

  • Pro-Tip: Sometimes the email notifications can get overwhelming or lost, so work with your Legal & Compliance teams to identify the best day of the week to review documents, and use the Schedule an Automatic Report feature to deliver their report on the best day for them.
  • Bonus Pro-Tip: If you want to put all these reports on a Dashboard but you also want to share the Dashboard link, from your Pending Approvals scheduled report (above) include the link to the Dashboard in the body of the email, and change the Subject to let recipients know that in addition to this report, “check your dashboard here.”

For what’s has been previously decisioned, create a similar report, filtering out any of the pending or canceled statuses, and including any data points that might be useful to your Legal & Compliance Teams.

  • Pro-Tip: For internal and external audits, there can be some consistencies in the information requested so check with your Legal & Compliance teams to identify the typical types of search criteria that they look for and you can add a custom form to capture that info. This will make audit responses that much faster!

Collaborating with your Legal & Compliance teams can streamline your processes, expand your Workfront platform to a larger audience in your organization, and grow your adoption.

Anyone else collaborating in Workfront with Legal & Compliance teams? Would love to see your recommendations!


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Level 8

Wow! Great advice and tips Cynthia! I never thought to schedule a time for them to do their approvals each week and sending a report...that's brilliant! Thank you!