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Kyna Baker - Sr. Customer Content Manager - Workfront





First use case: Customer Case Studies and Video Production

I use a template to manage all of the tasks to create a case study and/or a customer video. It looks something like this. 


This template is used every time we start creating a new customer story. We adjust the dates and assignments based on who is working on the project and the timeline we’ve talked about with the customer. 

This helps us keep track of all the tasks, and work among teams (Creative Services, Campaigns, my managers) to get the correct reviews and approvals internally as well as with the customer. 

For video production we have even created vendor logins that allow us to communicate with them via proofs to get very specific feedback implemented simply and efficiently. 

Once we have the customer story approved and reviewed by all internal and external stakeholders we add a custom form that uses a Fusion connection to Salesforce and WebDam to send the content to the Content Asset Table (automatically updating the Customer Story Report) and getting the assets hosted so we can build the page on the website for publication. 

This helps everyone know what they are supposed to do, keeps things moving, and provides us context for when we need to make edits. 

Our customer stories and case studies have gotten more and more integrated into our other marketing material as we get more and more teams involved in producing them. 

Second use case: Maintenance and Relaunch of Workfront One. 

We have been managing every aspect of the relaunch of our existing online community, from the technical development, migration of our existing community, and the launch plans inside of Workfront. We have even been managing the beta and feedback and issues within our technical project. 


We are also using Workfront to manage the content calendar for the user generated content we are working on every month for Workfront One. 


Having one place to manage this project helps keep everything on track, and when deadlines change with launches (as they often do) I can easily go in and update one date and all the rest of the dates cascade. Without Workfront to manage all of the different parts and pieces of a launch, there is no way I would have been able to say with confidence that I did everything I had planned. 

As far as outcomes go, this has helped me ensure a timely launch of our new initiative, and keep content fresh and engaging on a critical site for our customers.