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Jessica Walker - ITSM Change Manager - Workfront





As a change manager in tech ops, I use Workfront to create the change calendar and manage the change control process.

This is how I manage my day through Workfront - I start each day reviewing the change calendar. The calendar gives me a view of how changes scheduled for the night before went and what changes are scheduled for today. 


If I see a change in the schedule that looks like it needs attention, the report will take me directly to the change so I can review and decide what next action to take. 


When employees Slack me for help or if they need to enter a change request, I help them navigate to a new request form in Workfront. We have a highly customized change form so they will only need to enter details relevant to their change. Once the change request is complete, they are able to easily route the request to their manager for approval.


When my manager asks how many changes we completed last quarter and how many we’ve done this quarter for an audit, I am able to pull this information in minutes. We also provide details on who requested the change and when the change was implemented. 


To prepare for a meeting to discuss a service impacting incident related to a failed change, I pull up the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) data in Workfront to review details: root cause of the incident, how the incident was resolved, timeline of events, and categorizations. I verify the time to resolve fits within our mean time to resolve (MTTR) goals and look at how many incidents we have logged for the month. 


During the meeting, I assign corrective actions in Workfront to prevent the same incident from reoccurring. I’m able to track and follow up on corrective actions to ensure they are completed. 


At the end of the day, I go back to my change schedule to perform a sanity check and make sure all changes have been authorized. 

Workfront is central to the operating rhythm of my team. I can’t imagine running tech ops without it.