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Christy Bonham, Executive Administrator - Workfront





As the owner of leadership meetings, I find Workfront to be invaluable in creating agendas that other team members can contribute to, recording decisions that are made, and easily assigning and tracking action items.

Each meeting is a project under the leadership team program. It’s easy to locate past meetings when we need to reference them:


An agenda looks like this:


With the option of putting the agenda items in whatever statuses work for your team. We use these customized statuses: standing, requested, action item, parking lot.


Action items are easily recorded and tracked.


The request queue for our organization has helped me execute on items and track them easily. Here is an example of part of my request queue dashboard. I can view all of my daily requests as a "to do list" on one screen (okay, maybe two screens because It’s so large!). It is empty right now and that’s a reason for celebration!


Prior to using this request queue, team members would email me, walk by and ask me, mention in a meeting or slack message me their requests. It was problematic to keep track of these items coming from several different sources. Now I ask every team member to submit their request in this queue. They add the needed details in a custom form and they can track the progress. Here are some items from the drop down menu (customizable, of course) that can be requested:



No more requests that slip through the cracks!

A few examples of custom forms that help me fulfill the request (each category has different forms):






Does my work matter? Yes! To me, my team members, my executives. Has Workfront helped become more efficient and productive in my role Absolutely!