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Work Insights Beta U.S. Call 02.04.20


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Thanks for another great Work Insights Beta Call! For those of you that were not able to attend, here is the recording and slide deck "https://drive.google.com/a/workfront.com/file/d/1FWVP9baMOl_LASpj4CoEdXfOXcttJ_2M/view?usp=sharing" Deck "https://drive.google.com/a/workfront.com/file/d/1YRkKbZQLuCZncp7dD9-9amXlS2RMmbO9/view?usp=sharing" Recording Updates: Thank you for your continued use of Work Insights! If you are ready for us to turn on access for non-admins in your account, send an email to analyticsfeedback@workfront.com and we'll prepare your instance for the next batch. We are receiving some great feedback and working on fixes based on that feedback, so keep it coming. Work Insights Beta calls will most likely extend into March. We appreciate all the helpful feedback and would love to continue to receive it. We have a few features that are in the works for the next couple months including: KPIs (mid-February) Customer filters (mid-March) Feedback: Concern around 50 project limitations: We will be adding pagination. We want to encourage the users to get down to about 50 projects to be in the right paradigm to see the context but you can now see how many projects you actually have when it is over 50. Projects 51-100 will now be listed on page 2 and so forth from there. Loading error: There was an error where the load balancer we were using had a different time out than the application we use which cause a 502 error. This should be fixed now. There is a bug in LB that communicates with the endpoint and the local container for authorization that throws an error. We are still resolving this. Today's updates aren't showing: Right now the data takes two to three days to process for most of our views. The only view that is instant is the "tasks in flight" view. We are working to cut this time down to around an hour. Requested Actions: Let us know if you're ready to turn on non-admins by sending an email to Joel would love to block out some time to meet with each of you for any questions, thoughts, or feedback. Please send him an email to set up a time at "mailto:joelpettigrew@workfront.com" joelpettigrew@workfront.com . Thank you for all of the great feedback that has been coming in. We truly appreciate it. Best, Brooke Mckeever

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