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Work Insights Beta Kickoff 10/22/19


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Hello, all. Welcome to Beta! Thanks for those of you that made it to the Work Insights Beta kickoff. We are excited for the new features that are scheduled to be released later this week. If you weren't able to attend the meeting, here is a copy of the "https://workfront.zoom.us/recording/share/u4w-q5t0gdqNt04Adbxf7nWI0R-mkcNhtkFtN9lkPVI" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl="https://www.google.com/url?q=https://workfront.zoom.us/recording/share/u4w-q5t0gdqNt04Adbxf7nWI0R-mkcNhtkFtN9lkPVI&source=gmail&ust=1572106250164000&usg=AFQjCNHR51gb8jbK21SRqv9LQa1IZYhhDw" rel="noopener">recording and the "https://drive.google.com/a/workfront.com/file/d/1L5ndOsQ6QKsnczXTq4ZmAU1tBZhSgMdF/view?usp=sharing" deck . I've attached the answers to some of the questions addressed in the meeting. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to Joel and me. Question 1: What options do we have for moving off EAuth? Option A: Stay on V1 of EAuth until we release V2 (H1 2020). With V2, all accounts will need to have customers reset passwords (non-SSO accounts) or redo SSO cert (SSO accounts). Option B: Migrate off EAuth to legacy authentication now and again when V2 is released. Non-SSO: In order to do this you would want to have customers reset their passwords again. Unfortunately, if you don't require this, the system will revert back to the password pre-EAuth migration. SSO: Refresh your certification when you move back to legacy authentication. Question 2: If you have users without layout templates, how do you turn Insights on for them? If users do NOT have layout templates assigned, they will automatically be shown Work Insights when we turn it on for all users. Question 3: What do I do if I want to turn off EAuth now? If you'd like to turn off EAuth before V2 is ready, please respond to this email letting us know and open a support ticket. Mention that you are a part of the Work Insights beta program in the ticket. We will be following up to ensure that the ticket is routed to the correct team. Jaimee Henry Workfront
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