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Updates in 19.3


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19.3 Release ( Coming to Production FRIDAY, AUGUST 23RD! ) 2019.3 Release Activity Overview Page ALL Betas currently in Preview environment ***THE NEW WORKFRONT EXPERIENCE IS ALSO CURRENTLY IN PREVIEW!*** Gantt Chart: you can Edit and Undo changes whether Autosave toggle is switched to ON or OFF "https://vimeo.com/338253031/e866144c24" Demo video Hours: the Hours tab under Projects, Tasks, and Issues, has been updated to reflect the new look and feel and include Quick Filter "https://vimeo.com/340713275/69615911d9" Demo video Task List: improved in-line editing with greyed out rows when loading; when clicking Enter to add a new task in-line, the next task will show up quicker than it did previously "https://vimeo.com/343057782/2ccd31552c" Demo video Resource Planner: Actual Hours will be hidden by default but can be shown via a new toggle in Settings; advanced settings will be taken into account when using the Cost filter (users who don't have associated costs and users without access to see costs will now see this information as dashes); you can now report on Budgeted Hours in the Resource Planner (report is not in real-time but will refresh every hour) "https://vimeo.com/343240822/aaf481f5fa" Demo video - Actual Hours "https://vimeo.com/343062531/2badc48854" Demo video - Cost Filter "https://vimeo.com/345950157/da79f3089f" Demo video - Budgeted Hours report Resource Budgeting: non-empty Resource Pools will now be persistent and load upon opening this section of the Business Case "https://vimeo.com/343059635/c66c6c286f" Demo video Home: the look and feel has been adjusted, including an updated color scheme and a few widgets in the right-hand panel Issues: Open and Complete issue filters will both function based on Actual Completion Date "https://vimeo.com/345950510/fadd3e3962" Demo video Agile: within Scrum and Kanban boards, the separate tab for Issues has been removed, as it is available within the Backlog View; within a Scrum Iteration, the Documents tab has been removed due to low usage "https://vimeo.com/345946853/073321750c" Demo video - Kanban "https://vimeo.com/345946886/abdb8e6093" Demo video - Scrum Mobile: you'll now see an option for "Forgot Password" if you type in your login credentials incorrectly (this will NOT be available for SSO and is LIVE FOR iOS AND ANDROID!); the app has been updated with a new look and feel to make it more modern and easier to use; you can now filter by "Dead" projects; as long as you have the correct permissions, you'll now be able to delete objects directly from the mobile app "https://vimeo.com/345948245/1c11766b86" Demo video - Forgot Password "https://vimeo.com/345947611/3989dbf37d" Demo video - New Look and Feel Integrations: with OneDrive, you can now browse or search for shared items, link shared files and folders to Workfront work items, and upload Workfront documents to shared folders in OneDrive "https://vimeo.com/343238957/ca672dcb2c" Demo video Features (most from Idea Exchange) currently available in Production (unless noted otherwise): Custom Fields: a new "Typeahead" field is available to automatically reference users in your instance "https://vimeo.com/339168186/b3ba78f3f1" Demo video Time Off: tool tips will appear when a user has been assigned to work that falls on a day they have noted as being out on the Time Off Calendar "https://vimeo.com/339168449/c4a64d47f3" Demo video Documents: comments on Documents will now show under the Updates tab within the Project "https://vimeo.com/340241222/cee8d5b46b" Demo video Custom Conditions: you can change standard Conditions for Issues, Tasks, and Projects within Setup and associate a new Hex color for each; "How's This Going" language on tasks has been changed to "Condition" to reflect the field used in Reports (CURRENTLY IN PREVIEW; COMING TO PRODUCTION LATE JULY / EARLY AUGUST!) "https://vimeo.com/345948529/88ec12cb7d" Demo video Email Notifications: if activated, a new notification for "A Project My Team is On Becomes Active" will show up for users when a Project Status changes from Planning to Current and when tasks are assigned to a Team "https://vimeo.com/345946292/0a32d01992" Demo video Projects: you can now prevent task dates from shifting when assigned to users who are marked as out on the Time Off calendar through a new setting in Setup (CURRENTLY IN PREVIEW; COMING TO PRODUCTION THIS FRIDAY, AUGUST 9TH!) "https://vimeo.com/349053684/73308733fe" Demo video Mobile: for added security, the mobile app will now require you to provide your domain if not logging in via SSO Email Uniqueness: email addresses will no longer have to be unique per instance or case sensitive but will require domains to be filled out for all users upon login Lorin Fotheringham Workfront
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