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Trending feedback for the new Workfront experience Beta - November 22nd 2019


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Hi everyone, Thank you for the continued feedback during the new Workfront experience beta. This biweekly post is Workfront's communication to all of you participating in the beta. Over the past two weeks, the 19.4 release arrived to your Workfront Classic instance and with this release new functionality was also delivered to the new experience. Below you can find the updates made: Summary panel available for issues in a project Use the Summary side panel to view issue information directly from the issue list. Updated look and feel of new lists All lists now have an updated look and feel, including a cleaner, grid-like design, updated colors and fonts, and more. New design applied to lists for Reports, Template tasks, Portfolios, and more The new list design is now available on many additional list types. Customize the Home area in Layout Templates Now you can control what users see in Home using a Layout Template. Below we have summarized the top trending feedback over the last two weeks and we have included a response from the Workfront product team on our next steps: Feedback Area Trending Feedback Workfront Product Team's response New Lists The grey color on the grouping headers of all levels makes it difficult to differentiate between the levels. Thank you for the feedback. Our UX team is looking into it and will decide if any changes will be made here or not. Some of my users like the gridlines in lists, while the other half would prefer to have them removed Thanks for the feedback. At this point we have no plans to remove the gridlines and would like to collect further feedback for the future. Details Overview There is too much white space The team is following up on that and improvements will come soon. Headers Positive feedback on the smaller sized headers Thank you for the positive feedback around the latest updates to projects, tasks and issues headers. Recommendations to change the edit menu location and the % complete bar styling. We hear the feedback but we would like to monitor the feedback around that a bit more. We are collecting more feedback from others on these areas. Please continue to submit your feedback. Portfolio/Programs Filters Completed projects not displaying in the All filter. We are aware of this issue and working on a resolution now. Reports and Dashboards Issues reported for not being able to scroll horizontally and not able to see the full report or dashboard. This has been resolved in last week’s release. Headers not staying at the top of reports and dashboards This has been resolved in last week’s release. Custom Forms Not all fields are displaying in a custom form. A fix is in development now and will be deployed in the next couple of weeks. Additionally, please refer to the following posts for previous feedback and next steps since the Beta started. You can find our responses for your feedback around other trending feedback in these discussion posts: "https://one.workfront.com/s/question/0D50z00006Px3eBCAR/" Aug. 2nd "https://one.workfront.com/s/question/0D50z00006Px3ceCAB/" Aug. 16th "https://one.workfront.com/s/question/0D50z00006Px3azCAB/" Aug 30th "https://one.workfront.com/s/question/0D50z00006Px3ZTCAZ/" Sept. 13th "https://one.workfront.com/s/question/0D50z00006Px3WxCAJ/" Sept. 27th "https://one.workfront.com/s/question/0D50z00006Px3V2CAJ/" Oct 11th "https://one.workfront.com/s/question/0D50z00006Px3TICAZ/" Oct 25th "https://one.workfront.com/s/question/0D50z00006Px3S0CAJ/" Nov 8th For updates on latest functionality, please reference this release activity page for new functionality. We discussed more information about other areas we are working to improve in our Product Roadmap webinar. You can register and view the recording "https://webinars.on24.com/workfront/Q4roadmap?partnerref=community" here. Thanks, Josh Josh Boston Workfront
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