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Trending feedback for the new Workfront experience Beta - November 8th 2019


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Hi everyone, Thank you for your continued feedback during the new Workfront experience beta. This biweekly post is Workfront's communication to provide frequent updates to all of you participating in the beta. Over the past two weeks, we provided weekly updates focused on making the beta experience better and you can expect weekly updates to address the remaining issues. We also added an improved Branding experience allowing you to add your branding to the new experience top navigation and Main Menu. We discussed more information about other areas we are working to improve in our Product Roadmap webinar that occurred on November 6th. You can register and view the recording "https://webinars.on24.com/workfront/Q4roadmap?partnerref=community" here. Below we have summarized the top trending feedback over the last two weeks and we have included a response from the Workfront product team on our next steps: "https://webinars.on24.com/workfront/Q4roadmap?partnerref=community" Feedback Area Trending Feedback Workfront Product Team's response Layout Templates default visible items Not able to find Dashboards, Portfolios, Programs, Calendars or Resourcing in the Main Menu. Thank you for the feedback over the past weeks. Currently, the Main Menu defaults to showing the same links available in Workfront Classic, which do not include Dashboards, Portfolios, Programs, Calendars and Resourcing. We are planning to add these areas as default links. The data will be populated to the existing Layout Templates. If you do not want to see these links, then you can hide/show using Layout Templates Main Menu customization. Success confirmation popups Success notification popups take too long to disappear We will be reducing the time the new success notification stays open in the upper right. New details overview Minimize white space when viewing the new details overview page. We are working on this feedback by improving the visual experience of the details page. New page headers Please add the project condition to the new header. We will be bringing back the project condition on the project header while we work to understand how we can enable elevation of the fields to a more easily accessible place. Approval icons in the document details header are too gray and not bold enough. Thank you for this feedback. We are researching options to improve the look and feel of the approval experience. Reports and Dashboards Issues reported for not being able to scroll horizontally and not able to see the full report or dashboard. These issues for individual reports and dashboards are now resolved and deployed to your instances. We are working on resolving a recent issue for not being able to scroll in the Report List and Template List. Headers not staying at the top of reports and dashboards When scrolling in a table the headers will stay at the top so that you always have context as to which column you are viewing "https://webinars.on24.com/workfront/Q4roadmap?partnerref=community" Additionally, please refer to the following posts for previous feedback and next steps since the Beta started. You can find our responses for your feedback around other trending feedback in these discussion posts: "https://one.workfront.com/s/question/0D50z00006Px3eBCAR/" Aug. 2nd "https://one.workfront.com/s/question/0D50z00006Px3ceCAB/" Aug. 16th "https://one.workfront.com/s/question/0D50z00006Px3azCAB/" Aug 30th "https://one.workfront.com/s/question/0D50z00006Px3ZTCAZ/" Sept. 13th "https://one.workfront.com/s/question/0D50z00006Px3WxCAJ/" Sept. 27th "https://one.workfront.com/s/question/0D50z00006Px3V2CAJ/" Oct 11th "https://one.workfront.com/s/question/0D50z00006Px3TICAZ/" Oct 25th "https://webinars.on24.com/workfront/Q4roadmap?partnerref=community" For updates on latest functionality, please reference this target="_blank" rel="noopener" style="background-color: #ffffff;"> release activity page for new functionality. Thanks, Josh "https://webinars.on24.com/workfront/Q4roadmap?partnerref=community" Josh Boston Workfront
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