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Projects, Tasks and Proofs UI


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The Projects, Tasks, Proofs UI is a big upgrade. There are a few things that I think would help to improve the project and task info/view There are too many different views for tasks. There's the "Summary" View and then there is the regular view (when you click into a task). Having so many different views for the same item confuses users, and doesn't help to ground them on where they are in the tool. There's too many avenues that leads to visually different areas for the same item. Personally I LOVE the Summary view and I think that view should be the only view that they see (but beefing it up a bit more by having all task info there). I think when you click on a task, that view should take up 3/4 of the page or more (not the entire page), that way it's very clear to the user that they are now viewing the task details while still having enough real estate to see all the necessary details. Right now, when I click into a task, it looks like i am still viewing the project information; the icon grid on the left-hand side looks is identical to the project and it seems that those icons still refer to the project. The summary tab is designed in a beautiful way where all the information is displayed in an infinite scroll, which is fantastic! You don't have to click from tab to tab to see the information. Please go in the direction of the summary tab. Design I love how the design in more modern and streamlined, but I feel it's a bit too monochromatic. There isn't a visual hierarchy of what is most important and what is peripheral information. The icons on the left-hand side should be much more prominent, whether you increase the line thickness, have the icons filled instead of purely outlined, etc. There are no visual distinctions between sections, making everything blend together, and the user gets a bit lost. Rich text formatting for Task Description. Most of the time, users have a task, and then they have a detailed description of that task with images, charts, bullets, bold, underline, number formatting, etc. There should be functionality to have rich text formatting for the task description. That's why I feel so many people still like using email to communicate tasks and projects. They have more customization of the content they want to express. They can add supporting images, context, lists, headers, etc. If we really want WF to eliminate the need for email to communicate projects and tasks, we have to add that functionality in. Because if I am assigned a task, that has imagery and context that I need in order to complete it, I need to go out of WF and reference and email or another document. Custom Forms. You are going in the right direction with adding custom forms under "Project Details." This should be the same for Tasks as well. Right now it's separated out. From a user standpoint, the reason we create custom forms is that the 'project details' section doesn't have enough important, contextual details about the project or task. So it's not intuitive for a user to go to custom forms to find details about the project. That label and location is not intuitive to a general user The double chevron looks like a back button rather than a collapsable button Proofs. Separate Navigation/Icon. I think there should be another side navigation tab for Proofs, rather than being hidden within the documents tab. Or if you don't want to move it out of documents, there should be a dedicated space/section for proofs, so it's apparent to users where those proofs are. Ideally, there should just be a separate section dedicated to proofs alone. Custom Forms should be under details, like projects. Right now there are two different custom forms for a proof, one custom form for the document, and one custom form on the proof level. and you can't see the custom form proof info unless you have clicked into the proof itself. and you can't see the document custom form info when in the proof. there should only be one custom form for both the proof and document, it should be the same. The main overview information should be paired down and simplified. The main information that we want to know about a proof is how to open/make your decision and to view the status (so who has approved and who hasn't). So when you click on the proof space, and the quick preview opens on the right-hand side, it doesn't show essential information about the proof, like who has approved and who hasn't. And there isn't' a quick way to send a reminder to all reviewers that haven't' submitted their approval. I think the UI of the proof should be streamlined. Much like tasks, there are too many views of a proof and they all look different and show different information. There are about 3 different ways to see the details of a proof and three different ways to open the proof. I think this whole proof section should be redesigned. it should be simplified and paired down. There's too many avenues and views for different and similar information. You click this view, and you get most of the information but not this particular part, and you have to know that by clicking into the proof this way, you get some other information. The user gets confused and lost. Please just have a section for proofing, a simple list of all proofs with only one button to open the proof and one button to view all the details. There seem to be two different approvals tabs (ones an approval for the document, and ones a proof workflow approval). If a document is generated into a proof, it shouldn't still have the approval document ability. The open proof button should be visually prominent - right now all the important buttons blend into the rest of the page. I do like how when you click on the From the documents section, if you click on the name of the proof, it downloads the original file . Please remove this ability as it confuses the users. Users think by clicking the name they are going to open the proof, since that makes most sense. You should just add another button, next to document details..proofing workflow...print summary that says download file. Automated Reminders. We would like the ability to have more options for automated reminders. Right now, the only automated reminder that gets sent out to a reviewer, is the "at risk notification." This means our admins have to manually go and send individual reminders to each reviewer. We would love to have the ability to create automated reminders for proofs, like remind every week, every 2 days, every day. etc. and there isn't a quick button to send a reminder email to all reviewers that haven't made a decision. And since the proof reporting is very limited, it's almost impossible for our admins to get a snapshot of what reviewers haven't made a decision on proofs. So admins have to go into all of the proofs that they are managing individually and check which reviewers haven't made a decision and then remind them. I know this is a lot but hopefully it's useful! Natalie Natalie Cappetta Microvention Inc.
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