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Plans to reduce white space further in NWE?


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I've started rolling out the NWE to users, one of which is the user who implemented Workfront for our organization 10 years ago. Needless to say, she has a lot of experience!

I know there were discussions a couple months ago about all the white space and there was some buzz from Workfront about fixing/reducing it.

Was that ever done? The user I mentioned says there is a lot more white space, especially in the project view. I agree with her.

Anyone else still hearing this feedback from users? Is there a plan to make changes?

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Hi Kirsten,

Thank you for this feedback. Yes, we did provide a few updates to reduce whitespace in the 20.1 release based on feedback from customers during the Beta. Specifically, there was an update to headers in Reports and Home that helped reduce white space. The Report header being too large was one of the top trending feedback items. Also, whitespace was reduced in the project details page with the 20.1 release.

For this feedback you have been receiving from your users, could you provide the page or area in the project view that you are referring too? This would help us with our plans to continually improve this experience.




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Hey Josh,

I notice it when on the task list within a project. After comparing the same project in my preview environment (classic experience) to the production project (NWE), I realized that it's due to the project header remaining in place as you scroll down in the NWE. I like the idea of the project header staying, but it would help if it "shrunk" as you started scrolling down. My idea being - you can still see the project header as you scroll down, but it takes up less space as soon as you start scrolling down.