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Hey all - does anyone have an update on Workfront Fusion given the changes that were shared in the last in-person CAB we had?


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We're considering using Fusion to integrate Opal with Workfront - wondering if this is a smart investment given the changes to the architecture, or if going with a more common integration platform like Microsoft Flow, or Zapier, makes more sense.

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Hi Simon,

We are well into a successful launch of Workfront Fusion 2.0, both migrating existing Fusion customers and implementing all new integrations on the new platform. We've heard fantastic feedback about the capabilities and usability of this solution from our customers, including many on the CAB.

As you consider next steps for your integrations, I'd certainly encourage you to talk to your account team about building out new integrations on Fusion 2.0 while you may be awaiting your existing processes to be migrated from 1.0 (they should be able to give you some insight into that timing as well).

In comparison to something like Microsoft Flow or Zapier, your team will benefit from advanced capabilities in Fusion that enable virtually limitless possibilities and a closer connection to Workfront and the flow of work. As we noted, in the last virtual CAB call, we are going to continue to expand the applications of Workfront Fusion throughout common use cases, to include work automation within Workfront, alone. I'd be happy to provide more details if you are interested in discussing in more detail.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks.