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Feedback on Creating Basic Reports - All 4 Sections; Creating a Calendar; Creating a Dashboard; Sharing Reports & Report Settings


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Sorry, this is going to be a little long! You've been warned...

Some technical, detailed, feedback was included in survey monkey and not here.

Creating basic reports:

First, this learning path can and should be broken up into 4 separate ones to avoid that 1.5 hour time estimate.

Very good overall and definitely basic. This is reporting for beginners.

I could use section 1, right now, as is. But would move Edit Report here from later section.

Section 2 is good, relevant to a large audience.

Section 3, I would add how to REMOVE a chart from a report, which is not intuitive.

Section 4 is fine. Glad they added a chart to break up the monotony of matrix reports.

Creating a calendar:

Not. A. Video. Why?

Bad. Boo.👎 1/10

After the videos, much harder to follow in this format.

You've converted me to video. Great. Thanks.

Creating a dashboard:

Overall fine. I would suggest adding something about the height on external links.

Sharing reports:

Fine. Almost feel like this could be part of other modules and be eliminated. Section 1 or 2 of creating a basic report maybe?? Or maybe as part of the Dashboards module, since dashboards are another way of sharing reports. There is just not that much to it.

Report settings:

Good overview of prompts for beginners. This is the only reason to have this as a separate learning path. Got confusing when they started talking about the run as and logged in user. If there is no run as, it is going to run as the user who is viewing it. Period.


Part of the reason I lumped all of this together is that the order of courses after creating a basic report bothers me. I guess jumping to calendar makes sense if it is a type of report. Should report settings come before dashboards and sharing? I don't necessarily have a better suggestion and it may be a non-issue for everyone else.


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