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Creating Basic Groupings - Initial Feedback Post


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I found the video helpful - and I loved that you sprinkle in tips like collapsing a grouping by clicking the name. That is helpful and a good way to get others used to how to more efficiently use the system. I also loved that you continue to use detail names for consistency.

To that end, I was confused by 'issue list report' - there is no report named such thing. Eventually I figured out that you meant the grouping itself when viewing a list of 'issues' but it took some bit of back and forth. Additionally, since WF allows customization our instance uses 'requests'. There is nothing listing issue, but there is plenty listing requests. This should be called out in the video.

Also - the video tells you to pause to complete an activity - but there's nothing after the pause. I'm not sure if this was intended still to remain in the video.


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Thanks for your feedback. The "issue list report" isn't an actual report, but just refers to any list of issues, whether in a custom report, or in the list of issues that appear in a project. In both cases the same filters, views and groupings can be used.

As for the name "issue" being changed to "request" in your instance, that's a good question. We could call that out in the video, as you suggest.

I've heard the complaint about the "pause to complete activity" being too short from another customer as well. We'll address that. But there is an answer screen following it, it just goes by very quickly. And all these activities are also provided in the booklet that you can download.