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Communicating Updates for NWE


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Hi - now that we are moving from Beta to General Availability, I know there are some things that Product needs to do to get things up-to-date. Can I just ask that the info be communicated?

For instance, Kathy and I did a lot of work in NWE on layout templates last month and we found out that all the old Classic layouts were re-migrated. So now we have a bunch of templates with the same name. We had to then go through them to see which ones were really NWE. (We then put NWE after it so we can easily identify it in the future).

Thanks! :)

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thanks for saying something! I thought it was just us! (because I had a ticket out on layout templates)


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Hi @Anthony Imgrund‚ ,

I'm sorry to hear that you had troubles with the recent Layout Templates migration and I apologize for any lack of communication on that matter. It looks like in your scenario you had to do some manual work to bring the things to the state you've had and I'm sorry to hear that.

The purpose of that remigration was to make sure our customers have the latest data before GA and don't have to do the manual work to redo the content, since the last migration has happened around 6 months ago when NWE was in early Beta stages.

Ultimately, the new migration is intended to do 2 things:

1. Migrate Layout Templates that exist in Classic and don't exist in NWE - Some customers are having troubles with the migrated Layout Templates and we wanted to make sure that everything works correctly in NWE.

2. Don't change anything on a Layout Template if it has been edited at least once in NWE - Any layout template that had been updated in NWE was not changed. We were absolutely targeting not to loose any changes to the Layout Templates that customers have done in NWE already.

You can find more information about the updates here. This should have had more broad communication and we will absolutely work on improving that.

Feel free to ask any questions and I'm happy to assist you with that.


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Thanks, Gevorg for the info. For us, we realized it was easier in NWE to configure two layouts (one for PM and one for Workers) and then copy those to make the few adjustments to the Top Nav then to redo all the sections in the old layouts. So we redid everything and then deleted the ones from Classic. That is way you brought them back because they were in Classic and not NWE. The issue was we renamed everything so then we ended up with two of everything.

We are all set now. But would definitely love to be included in any communications if there are other things the team needs to do to bring NWE up-to-date since its move to GA. :)