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Hi all! I've recently started a new role, working on the platform layer of our Adobe Campaign Classic V7 platform.


One of the challenges we face as users of Campaign Classic is a lack of automation and governance around platform changes to Adobe Campaign. For example, schema changes, technical workflows, enumerations, and navigation hierarchies. Making, testing and deploying changes to these objects is all very "manual", with packages and manual deployment steps leaving us exposed to risk from human error, concurrent user changes, overwriting stuff, and moving object definitions through staging to our live service.


I've already asked, and there are no plans to introduce version control or DevOps features into V8, so I was wondering if anyone has come up with their own solutions to automation and release governance.


I've been writing a Python library, wrapping up the session, queryDef, event, and specFile interfaces. I wonder if there's some potential in there somewhere to automate some sort of object fetch and push, that could be integrated into Azure DevOps, GitHub or whatever.


I'm really interested in hearing what others are doing, and whether there's a desire for a community-driven project to build something we could all use to make the day-to-day management of our Campaign instances a little easier.


Thanks for your thoughts!


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Who Me Too'd this topic