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@VaniBhemarasetty  - We are migrating from traditional data collection to AEP Mobile SDK (Implementing AA, AT, AAM and AEP through Edge and following XDM standard) from the mobile app front, could you please help me with this please.


1) Is there any way we can access XDM data field using Launch (all the XDM data fields are mapped from app front and triggered the send events) i.e, similar to accessing context data elements earlier.Is this feature will come near future if its not already available?


2) In the similar fashion earlier we tried to access OOTB data fields which Core library provides like below but they are coming empty after the libraries are upgraded

"appid": {%%app_id%%}, - not working
"ecid":{%%ecid%%}, - not working

whereas accessing them like below is working fine (https://aep-sdks.gitbook.io/docs/using-mobile-extensions/adobe-journey-optimizer-decisioning#define-...)

"a.appID": "{%~state.com.adobe.module.lifecycle/lifecyclecontextdata.appid%}",
We want to attach/modify some data fields to the XDM payload throguh Launch for send event xdm calls triggering from the mobile app front.
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