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We are trying to understand how to upgrade the version of AEM Guides in our AEMaaCS environment. AEM Guides is enabled (and was installed) by editing our Program in Cloud Manager and ticking the box for AEM Guides under "Solutions and Add-Ons". From the release notes, it states the following:


Upgrade your current Adobe Experience Manager Guides as a Cloud Service (later referred as AEM Guides as a Cloud Service) setup by performing the following steps:

  1. Check out the Cloud Services’ Git code and switch to the branch configured in the Cloud Services pipeline corresponding to the environment you want to upgrade.
  2. Update <dox.version> property in /dox/dox.installer/pom.xml file of your Cloud Services Git code to 2022.9.178.
  3. Commit the changes and run the Cloud Services pipeline to upgrade to the latest release of AEM Guides as a Cloud Service.

However when I do step #1, I see no folder path for /dox/dox.installer. Where is this located? Are we looking in the wrong place?



Who Me Too'd this topic
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