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In batch ingestion...

1. Data lands in data lake in the form of datasets

2. If the profile is enabled on datasets, data move into Profile Store

3. In Profile Store, data participate in profile stitching and become part of profile view & segmentation


In Streaming Ingestion via Experience Edge Framework(WebSDK, Edge Network, Data stream)...

1. Event Data lands in Profile Store

2. In Profile Store, data participate in profile stitching & become part of profile view. Also, data participate in real-time segmentation

3. Event data moves into Data lake as part of batch running every 15 min on profile store.


My question is regarding streaming ingestion, if event data is landing in profile store and participating in profile stitching & segmentation then what is use of enabling 'Profile' on datasets & schema?

My base assumption is 'Profile' is enabled to move your data from data lake to profile store. Once data is moved into profile store, it participate in profile stitching & segmentation. Does this understanding is correct? or there is any gap?



Who Me Too'd this topic