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We are currently gathering the requirements for the development of a B2B Price Communication Solution (in 2 different countries) in Adobe Campaign Standard.


We already have the process implemented in the B2C Country A dimension, that is simpler. We receive pricing information from a Pricing Cockpit. We had access to a closed list of products with associated Product IDs that needed to be communicated. This is live.


For B2B, Country B, the following business requirement emerged: there is a high dynamism in product creation and communication, and it is not possible to identify a list of products and the corresponding Product IDs.


Thus, we see the need to migrate (within Adobe Campaign Standard) from a solution via Workflow and traditional Templates (similar to what was done in B2C Country A dimension) to an Event solution with Transactional Messages that allows us to implement product listings and insert a dynamic loop inside the Template (functionality not available in traditional Templates).




Another business requirement identified for B2B is: a Client ID (information that comes from the Pricing Cockpit with associated products and prices) can have N contacts/emails (information that will be in the Adobe Campaign Standard) to whom communication should be made (1 to N relationship). However, in Events with Transactional Messages, there is a limitation in this sense (1 to 1 relationship):





We tried to create a Workflow for the orchestration of Events within Adobe Campaign, using an External API activity, in order to replace the Client ID in the payload received from the Pricing Cockpit with the various Emails in the Adobe Campaign database for this Client ID. However, the External API input in the Workflow and the Event Preview API output do not match, neither of them is editable and the matching does not happen.


External API Workflow:



Event Preview API:



Does anyone know how to overcome this?


Thank you!

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