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Hi Team,


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We created a new AEM site with latest archetype 35.

Now, we want to do following:


1) "All" module to be commented out in Parent POM.xml as we dont need to use this module.


2) Next is UI.apps should embed core bundle like below:




 But It gives below error: 


[ERROR] ValidationViolation: "jackrabbit-packagetype: Package of type 'APPLICATION' is not supposed to contain OSGi bundles or configurations!", filePath=jcr_root\apps\mymobile-packages\application\install\mymobile.core-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar, nodePath=/apps/mymobile-packages/application/install/mymobile.core-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar



I read that application type project does not embedd any OSGI Bundlem but with almost similar struture,with some old archtype, It was happening like that only.







Who Me Too'd this topic