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We are currently upgrading our adobe campaign classic windows client from 9032 to 9182.  After installing the new client all connections fail with an ssl related error.  If I un-install the 9182 client and re-install the old 9032 client the error disappears.  It doesn't seem that the issue is network/firewall related as reverting to the old version resolves the problem.  Any suggestions?


The error appears after selecting the connection and entering my credentials, after the following message appears "redirecting you to sign in"



Adobe Campaign Classic - Client console - Error

IOB-090020 Error in SSL library : 'IOB-090013 error: 14090086:SSL routine:ssl3_get_server_certificate:certificate verify failed (code 336134278)'



Could this issue be related to the new 9182 client not liking that the root certificate is SHA1 rather than SHA256?



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