I want to exclude certain properties from AEM full text search so that there are no matching results when page author's name is searched


for example if I search for Amit - it is providing few pages as results as there are few pages authored by Amit. I don't want these search results


I am using the default OOTB cqPageLucene index


I already checked the document  - https://jackrabbit.apache.org/oak/docs/query/lucene.html where it is mentioned that to


exclude a property we can add index(boolean) false on the property


I have added index(boolean) false on






but the issue is that even below jcr:content node - there are various nodes in a page - a responsive grid inside another responsive grid and when an author drops a component that component always has jcr:createdBy ; jcr:lastModifiedBy properties which have the content author's id/name


So I am planning to use 


as mentioned in the doc to write a regex and then set index(boolean) false


Has anyone else faced the same issue and can help in excluding these jcr:createdby and jcr:lastModifiedBy properties in deep nodes ? Am I going in the right direction using isRegexp ?


If yes  - what can be the right regex to exclude these properties from certain (n) level of nodes?


I read this https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-experience-manager/indexing-data-indexing-rul... but there is no solution for excluding properties in nested nodes


Any oak experts; lucene indexing gurus can help me on this?


thanks in advance

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