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We have dictionary under /content/dam for languages say (en-us, es-us) . When we load the page its injected and we have the translated content render on the page. As part of the requirement I have some doubts to clarify.


1) When I load the page, I see multiple calls of /libs/cq/i18n/dict.xxx.json, how can we restrict default dictionary calls?

  • /libs/cq/i18n/dict.en.json
  • /libs/cq/i18n/dict.en-US.json (We need only this one)
  • /libs/cq/i18n/dict.en.json

2) My custom dictionary /libs/cq/i18n/dict.en-US.json has only 5 labels, but in response i see numbers of other labels may be injected via /libs/cq/i18n/dict.en.json


3) Is there way to load /libs/cq/i18n/dict.en-US.json as per site level. Say, I want to load the dictionary on /content/mySiteA/en-US and not on /content/mySiteB/en-US ? keeping in consideration that codebase is same.




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