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For some page in edit mode I am not able to add annotation.

Like suppose for a page, having a some component example a Hero component and I am trying to give annotation, but it is not taking annotation.

also for some page only single annotation is available and then not able to add another Annotation.



 I am not sure how to make available annotation for any pages if it is restricted.


Current observation: Annotation is disabled for some components.

Expected Behavior: We should be able to annotate over some components in Page.


Scenario : is like in a page under /content example: homepage we have some custom components like hero component and resoucesbar component, global component  and here in Hero component if we are trying to add Annotation like we see in above image.

I am not able to add annotation for some component like in homepageHero not able to add, instead if we try to add on resourceBar or gloal we are able to add. and we can see cq:annotations is adding up in those nodes.


How to get those annotation active or available for all components.





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