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Dear Experts,


I am currently using Adobe AEM 6.5 quickinstaller through which running aem-author instance on port 4502. Few days back, configured the latest package through guidance from this forum itself and could see Adobe Sign cloud service. Unfortunately, since last so many days, I have spent countless hours but unable to get Adobe Sign integration in place. I did carry out following steps:


1. Configured SSL on my local instance to make it https.

2. Created cloud configuration through "Configuration Browser" and gave name as "adobe sign".

3. Started creating configuration from Adobe Sign service under "Cloud Services".

3. Created my account in Adobe Sign developer account. Created API application. As per documentation, for "Redirect URI" in Configure OAuth, I have given following URL: https://localhost:8443/libs/adobesign/cloudservices/adobesign/createcloudconfigwizard/cloudservices....

4. When I attempt to give client ID, secret for API application and click on "Connect to Adobe Sign", system opens a new tab to a confirmation page stating that following API application will have access to your system etc and then I say "Allow".


After "allow" is clicked, system again opens the "create adobe sign" configuration page. I thought since I have given this as Redirect URI hence it is coming but configuration must already be there now. 


When I attempt to use the service on my adaptive form, it does not show in the cloud service dropdown. Also, for this adobe sign integration configuration under "Adobe Sign" cloud service, I see configuration page blank.


This is really getting very difficult because there is not a single proper documentation/tutorial available which can elaborate on the same. This seems endless to me!!


Any help/pointers would be really great..


Thank you in advance.





Who Me Too'd this topic