Hi Team, 


I am just loading the csv file with some feilds into delivery and sending the emails through external file target mapping. In the delivery i am using a personalization block which will display the value based on the values which are used in the uploaded file. 


Employee IDLegal Name - Last NamePreferred Name - First NameEmail AddressJob Category


Above is the file i have uploaded to server and sending the emails. and in the delivery i am using the value based on job category feild. 


if category = 'corporate' i need to show 1 

if category = 'call center' i need to show 2


my personalization block : 



<%if ( dataSource.Job_Category =="Corporate" ) { %>1<% } else if ( dataSource.Job_Category =="Call Center") {%>2<% } %>


in my delivery i am using this personalization block : 


<a href="https:XXXXT/en-US?type=<%@ include view='Workday_Parameters' %>" _label="Text" target="_blank">https:XXXXT/en-US?type=<%@ include view='Workday_Parameters' %></a>


Error i am getting : 


JST-#ID# Error while compiling script 'content htmlContent' line 7: XSV-#ID# Unable to set the value 'Corporate' to property 'dataSource.Job_Category' because the object is read-only.. SCR-#ID# Javascript&colon; error while evaluating script 'content htmlContent'.



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