Hi Guys,


In ( Service Pack + CFP 1) "Create User" and "Create Groups" option are not working for touch ui. Could you guys please check this and confirm.


Go to Tools → Security → Users. Click on "Create Users" option . Getting below error logs.


An error occurred at line: 48 in the jsp file: /libs/granite/security/components/form/authorizableidtextfield/authorizableidtextfield.jsp
isDisabled cannot be resolved to a variable
46:         attrs.add("data-home", authorizable.getPath());
47:         attrs.add("data-val", value);
48:         attrs.add("disabled", isDisabled);
49:     }
50:     cmp.include(wrapper, new Tag(attrs));


 Same issue occurs for "Create Groups" option as well under Groups section.


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