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Some of our clients are now using the new Adobe Admin Console Support Portal. It's a huge improvement over Daycare, but there's one UI choice that I find quite strange. The details of each ticket are hidden in a sidebar. You click a link that says "Details" and it opens the details in a flyout sidebar. The initial ticket information is some of the most important info. Also, users are not always able to come up with a good name for a ticket, so sometimes the name alone does not help users differentiate tickets. Instead of having the "Details" link, I think the original ticket details should simply be placed right there in the page.


I've included a simple mockup of the change below:


Before (ticket page):

Before: ticket pageBefore: ticket page



Before (flyout):

Before: flyoutBefore: flyout


After (combined view):

After: CombinedAfter: Combined

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