In ACC, the out-of-the-box personalization block that's used for inserting the mirror page url in a delivery looks like this:




<%@ value object="provider" xpath="@mirrorURL" %>/nl/jsp/m.jsp?c=<%=escapeUrl(cryptString(message.deliveryPartId.toString(16)+'|'+message.id.toString(16)))%>




While the message.id is basically the broadLog id of a given delivery, I cannot understand where the message.deliveryPartId comes from, nor how can I retrieve that from an existing table, outside a delivery object.


My goal is to recreate the GetMirrorURL() function that's available as part of the nms.delivery schema, and use this in a javascript activity inside a workflow - I have to retrieve several hundreds of thousands of mirror pages per day.


Any suggestions on where can I retrieve that from? My intuition tells me it's the remote broad log id that exists on the midsource.


p.s.: I have tried the suggestion of @wodnicki  in this post and it doesn't seem to work.




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