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Our organization ID is: 539A036355B676DE7F000101@AdobeOrg

It seems as from 09th of March there has been no signals from Analytics to onboarded traits in AAM. We got some sign of life the 16th, however now it is dead again (check out the screen shot below). Looks very unusual and we are guessing that some(or all) of this could be due to issues with the UI and changed underneath.

Our Adobe Consultant have investigated the following two things, but have not been able to find the cause.

1. Segments related data flow from AA into AAM (batch process)

2. Mobile app related data

He suspects a temporary glitch in the system that might have been caused by the reported issue on the 10th of March https://status.adobe.com/products/1184 though it may or may not be related.

This is a critical error for us because it seems as if the total population is decreased to zero as well as the real-time population. This will have direct effect on the user environments using the Analytics segments through AAM.



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Matias Klingsholm

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